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Darius rework is "mothballed until art resources come its way" since January 2014. We have yet to hear about how the Darius rework is still going at this point and if it is going to come out this year. When I first started LoL my friend showed me Darius and I instantly fell in love with him. An axe, DUNKS, what more could I ask for. I joined around mid season 3 in April 2013 which is after his resets got nerfed. The problem I saw with Darius was not that he was strong, but he could be the most fed person in the entire game but his damage would still be sup-par because he has no natural tankiness or sustain so he could only really afford 1 damage item and go full on tank. When I first heard about Darius getting a rework I was really kinda happy. My favorite champion is getting reworked to be a team player and actually require a little more thinking(hopefully) to use. I just hope his issue of being a fed monster but falling off harder than a Renekton and getting SOME natural tankiness will be solved. Scruffy, I know you got a lot of hate on the Skarner rework and some are calling you out on how Rengar rework was a failure in 1 part but a success in another part, but I have this feeling that Darius will be different. I just wish this rework will make him viable and I won't be called out in ranked games(he's my most used in ranked along with Nasus) as picking a troll champion or a champ that is not viable in todays meta due to NO mobility and being such a kser but not being able to use gold efficiently. So please Scruffy, tell us he is at least still planned for this year, I, along with many other players, are very very anxious and excited on the Darius rework. If it's still not sure if he will be released this year because of other more important champions, that's fine, older champs like Sion deserve a rework before Darius. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it. Varin Omega Link to Article: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2014/01...iscussion.html Edit: I tried posting this on GD but they told me that Rioters respond more frequently on the Beta but goodness does it take forever to load when you have awful connection in Iraq.
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