Arcade Master Yi (Skin Suggestion)

Master Yi is a champ that's used a lot in normal games. It's been a while since he got a skin, so why not give him a new one. There have only been two arcade skins, one for {{champion:37}} and one for {{champion:120}} Its time there comes a third. His eyes would be different colors of the rainbow. His suit would look more mechanical, just like Hecarim's skin. His sword would look more digital and start out as plain white (before Wuju Style's passive). His attacks would leave a trail of pixels as an after image. The sound of his sword attacking would sound more electronical. His Q-Alpha Strike would leave a mark on symbol on the enemies he attacks. As he enters the strike, Yi would turn into pixels and then after completing the strike, he gets pixelated back. Yi's W-Meditate would show a heart and show it gradually refilling. Instead of the normal green around him, it would be something similar to fire in multiple colors of the rainbow. His E-Wuju Style would passively make his blade shift through different colors. On activation, his blade will have all colors present at once. Yi's R-Highlander would show many different colors instead of plain yellow surrounding him. When Master Yi spawns he will be pixelated onto the field. Upon death, you see the pixels split and just shows his sword and some pixels left behind. When he is recalling, you see him strike his sword into the ground and just see him surrounded in colors. After recall, you see him spawn just like at the beginning of the game. I hope Riot takes this into consideration and I hope the community can improve on what I said here. Thank you all for your time.
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