Test for "Flat" format. But also, Champion Update running discussion because why not?

Hi. I wanted to try out the new function that should be listed below this box that says "show as flat" and see how the system works. I wanted to see if a conversation could be had using either or both of the views. While we're here! we'll have a general ChampUp pow-wow. All casual, this is mainly just to test, but if you have any questions/ideas/feedback we can also jam on those. I'll be on here for a little bit then head to bed. I'll check the thread in the morning also. **EDIT: **Going to head to bed for the night. Keep the discussion going. I'll check in the morning. Also, please take any notes about how your experience is inside the thread by using the flat and nested views. I'd like to take that feedback to the team to see if any ideas that users have opinions about can be implemented or improved. Thanks!
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