Next Champions Who Will Get a Kit Rework

Hello there summoners, today I'm going to talk about the champions who will get a kit rework. for those who don't know what a kit rework is, its a scale of rework covers changes to a champions kit beyond number tweaks. Animations and other visual effects may be updated, but the champions model and core theme are untouched. In some cases, the kit rework will "correct" the kit to match the intended theme. alright now i'll tell u who will get a kit rework; the next champions who will get a kit rework are: {{champion:114}} , {{champion:3}} , {{champion:112}} , {{champion:83}} , {{champion:6}} , {{champion:122}} & {{champion:41}}. so thats all for today, i'm ChrisBlitz, add me if u like and keep up the work riot and tomorrow or next time i'll talk about who will get a kit rework and a visual upgrade and i will also talk about it...until next time
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