To whichever Rioter this may be relevant to. Why can't TRADITONAL SKINS be available to all?

Ala Unleashed Alistar and Riot Girl Tristana? Those skins were given out completely free, which means you guys never intended to profit off those skins in the first place, giving it away for free would do no harm to your profit margins. Worst of all, the 3 champions that comes to mind when it comes to Traditional skins, Sejuani, Trundle, and Karma, REALLY need those skins. Trundle and Karma literally have their Traditional skins being their best skins to choose from. And for Sejuani...I just plain don't like her VU along with her uncharacteristic armour. Why can't Traditional skins be available for people who buy those champions? I mean, the time they were available were so unbelievably narrow, and worse, had a LOT of people never had the chance to even get them. Sejuani was 6300IP and literally unplayable at the time of her rework. Trundle and Karma were uncertain, and while not as expensive as Sejuani was, still cost a considerable amount of IP that not everyone can rush fast enough to afford. What is there to lose if someone wants to play Sejuani in her Traditional skin? What is there to lose if Trundle has a skin available that's better than any of his crappy current skins? Do you think you might "confuse" newbies? Because newbies will be newbies. And I'm sure you threw out the notion of "confusing new players" out the window when you gave Zed a skin that is essentially "White Shen".
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