@IronStylus - On Irelia's Eventual VU

http://puu.sh/acBis/8db2f74634.jpg Dunno if you're the Rioter for this, because I have a few non-VU questions as well, but whatever. Irelia's model is starting to show its age. It's definitely not as bad as Taric, Mordekaiser, or the rest of what remains of the Pizza Feet crew, but you can definitely see the difference between her and a more recent champion. Especially her hair. It's like she has an octopus living on her skull. So basically, I have a few questions about Irelia's VU when it eventually becomes pertinent to start working on it (if you're not already), namely; - Morello's mentioned his desire to rework Irelia's kit several times in the past to help get her away from her "ball of stats" nature, as well as stating that Irelia's core theme may be changed as a result. Does this impact her VU-wise? Would a new kind of Irelia require a new kind of visual theme than what is present already? Would Morello's kit rework get in the way of a potential VU, or even coincide with one? What are the chances of pushing both reworks out at once, making Irelia a full champion relaunch? I won't ask for specifics on her kit rework from you, since it's not your department - mainly just how it relates to her visual style and the possibility of that changing. - What do YOU think Irelia's theme is or should be, visually or in-game? Does the way you envision her match with the way she's portrayed now? - Do you have any plans for Ionia at large, in terms of visual theming and cohesion? Most of the Ionian champions vary widely in terms of looks, from bright pastel ninjas like Akali and Kennen, to heavily-armored warriors like Irelia and Zed (he's wearing light armor, but he has quite a lot of it on). - Relating to my last question, what kind of relations would you like Irelia to have with other League champions, namely other Ionians or enemy Noxians? I would imagine she wouldn't think too highly of Yasuo or Darius, for example. - Are there any Irelia skins on the pipeline for once a VU is done? I know you guys are wont to make skins for champions who are on the pipeline for VUs, since it's more work for no reason, on an inferior rig and model, no less. What are some skin options you could explore with Irelia, and have done any concepting for them already? - Lastly, and I'm leaving this at the bottom because it's not Irelia-related, but how much will Shen change were he to receive a VU? He's portrayed as a tank in-game, yet visually, he's the exact opposite of a tank. How would you go about bringing Shen's tank identity forward, without overpowering his ninja identity, and vice-versa? I've attached an Irelia picture for some eye candy. Seriously; why isn't this her splash art over in the States? I know you guys don't like using the Chinese art for champions on other servers, but come ON. That art is friggin' *gorgeous.* Edit: And I seem to be unable to add attachments. *Sigh*.
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