Mirage Gaming LF Top & Jungle Interested in focusing on Improvement in Team Setting

Mirage Gaming is building 2 competitive 5s teams to compete in Clash, Tournaments, and LoL Leagues. The majority of the rosters are being filled with Tryouts hosted over the course of the next few weeks. Our next tryout upcoming tryout dates run through this week in a team que setting. We are recruiting *top and jg* with no current rank restriction. This is subject to change as the tryouts continue. Tryouts consist of a 5v5 setting, with Mirage Coaching stuff running organization and champion select. If you wish to apply, please contact us via discord @ https://discord.gg/TExZPmc. After joining, message @ Greg, or Tae. --- Mirage Gaming is a multi-platform gaming organization that is building 2 new sister League of Legend teams. In the past, Mirage has: * Placed a roster in the LAN challenger scene * Built NA rosters from Silver players to Master tier over 2 years * Competed in other smaller-community games such as Grand Chase at the professional level Mirage Gaming Has: * Experienced management * High caliber coaching staff * Various analyst members * Video-editing staff * Org. Website

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