Organization Recruiting Silver - Plat Players for Multiple Teams. Will also recruit full teams.

Hey everyone, I'm the owner of an org called The Agoge eSports. I am looking to fill the 5 of 12 team slots i have for our org. We are an org that revolves around playing with each other and not being toxic. If you are interested in coming in solo and joining a team, we have room. If you have a team that is interested in joining an Org then we have room as well. We have a few Coaches, and an amazing admin staff, as well as players that range from Bronze V - Master Tier. All and All I am looking for the following: Top: 5 (2 Gold-Plat Teams, 3 Silver-Gold Teams) Jungle: 2 (2 Silver-Gold Teams) Mid: 4 (2 Gold-Plat Teams, 2 Silver-Gold Teams) ADC: 3 (1 Gold-Plat Team, 2 Silver-Gold Teams) Support: 4 (1 Gold-Plat Team, 3 Silver-Gold Teams) I have Slots to Pick up 1 Full Gold-Plat Team, and also 2 Silver-Gold Teams. I can pick up a group of people, or I can pick up enough people to play together. What I am looking for is people that are not one tricks, and also have a decent amount of games in the role you want to play on the team. Add IGN: Cmink of you are interested. As far as what the teams will do is a question i'm getting from a lot of people. We will be hosting in House Leagues and Tourneys, on top of competing in Outside Leagues and Tourneys as well. At the end of it all we will be playing against other teams in the server and all around trying to get better. We have multiple coaches lined up and willing to coach the individuals that want to coach. If you are interested just add me and ill answer any questions you have. Thanks, Cmink {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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