Servers being slow during clash

(EUNE Servers) I played clash for the first time yesterday and it was a great experience! It really felt like you was playing in the LCS when both teams were playing so passivly that first blood was drawn at 10 min and 14 sec. I only really remember us having 2 teamfights in the first match that was about 40 min long. I felt like a real pro especially since we won both games :) Anyways after clash ended i noticed that the servers were being really slow wich is understandable. I couldn't open my orb, i couldn't see my ranks/banner etc. Couldn't this be fixed by allowing less people to play clash? It would benefit those who are not playing clash and are trying to use the lobbies. It would also benefit those of us whos got school the day after since we riot would not have to add 30 min extra (or more9 to the clash lock in phase. Ifclash would have been delayed another 30 minutes i would have just turned off and go to bed since I had school in the morning I have no idea how the community would feel about having a cap for how many teams can join clash but aslong as it gives an better experience I'm all for it. Thoughts?

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