Team LF Subs in all roles. Practice Game tonight at 8:30pm Est time

Hello, if anyone is interested in being a back up to our team practice tonight please send me a friend request. Though we have 5 people in every role, there are some that will not be able to make it to the 25th CLASH event, and you could take their place. *requirements* 17+ age Gold 5 minimum, high gold/low Plat preferred 5+ solid champions on your main role Working mic. No loud background noises eastern time preference. ONLY people who would like to take the event seriously. Make time for CLASH, and team practices. Be able to hear critique. This is not for people looking to relax, or have fun...(that's what blind pick is for) Don't be shy about friend request, if there are no more spots i will politely let you know :)

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