Plat ADC main LFT!

Hi! Plat 4 ADC main with a wide champion pool looking for a clash team that's really trying their best to win ( preferably low plat to low diamond team ). I'm looking for a team that wants to scrim, talk about drafting, maybe do vod reviews, try out interesting comps, etc. etc. Champion pool: S+ Tier: Tristana, Kalista, Caitlyn S Tier: Xayah, Kai'sa, Ezreal, Ashe A Tier: Miss Fortune, Lucian, Sivir, Varus, Draven, Twitch B Tier: Jinx, Vayne I'm currently practicing more non-adc champions botlane aswell, incase we would like to utilize those: Heimer, Karthus, Yasuo, ... My My might not look very impressive, but I beg you to give me a shot and if I don't impress you, feel free to take someone else! Just asking for a chance to prove myself first.
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