Silver 1 Mid Laner Looking for Team For Clash

C: = Current Rank P: = Peak Rank edit in classes right now so just respond to this thread My Mindset League of Legends is game that is best played when with a coordinated and close team. This is sadly nearly impossible to achieve in solo and duo queue and I love the opportunity that i get to show this mindset in game and out of. About Me I started playing league of legends on version the patch that Rengar was released. While it was a slow and infuriating experience I managed to go from hardstuck bronze to hardstuck silver to hardstuck gold. While I have played and mained every role for a little bit in my league of legends career non has gotten me and far and good than mid lane. I have mained mid lane since season 6 and that is the season that I finally noticed that I was improving and making it to higher and higher ranks. My Pool For the purpose of efficiency I will give my mid lane pool in the way most people show tier lists S-B -S Tier Orianna (Main) Ziggs (Season 7 Main) Vladimir (Pocket Pick) Twistet Fate (Pocket Pick) -A Tier Cassiopia Corki Zed Yasuo -B Tier (I only really play these champions because of counter picks) Fizz Talyia Xerath Strengths I believe I have many strengths to offer to any team. I am a great leader and shot caller. Great vision control on lane and objectives. Great Communicator. Weaknesses Unfortunately everyone has their kryptonite mine is criticisms I will often take criticism and focus so hard on it that my other skills start to slip up, but on the bright side after I get over the slip ups I come out ahead with the skill that I did not have before. Notable Previous Teams Mid Laner for Dawn eSports Olympus Contact My most prefered method of contact would be through the in game chat system, but my discord is Grumpig#7095 and my email is Thanks for taking the time to look through my short portfolio if there is any other information you need please dont hesitate to let me know

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