Sick of abusive players and hypocritical policies (there should be no downvoting in forums)

Hear me out here, i hope riot sees this. Many of us who have alternative ideas or thoughts about LoL have no place to turn but the forums. The issue with having alternative thoughts or ideas is that people tend to down vote posts like this. But what if there were only positive votes. Then the best posts would still attract attention. I would not have to be stuck with stunted feedback from people who knowingly abuse posts. If we could not be down voted it might allow for real discussion to evolve. This current system completely maligns with Riots policy, and it encourages toxicity. Of course toxic posts could still be reported and taken down. The only difference is that controversial ideas would see more discussion from a wider range of people. Please Riot i am trying to take this company and game seriously, and the current policy directly encourages toxicity. Both in game and in forums. Many people have quit for the reasons i have outlined, strongly consider that you are actually losing your original fanbase here while supporting millennial degenerates.
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