My feedback on Kled skin

Sorry, I don't want to say Kled new Vampire skin is bad, but is something unexpected and I have to speak now when I can. My brother feel already disappointed with only the textures, Personally I don't play Kled or criticize Riot work, but if I got to say something productive and my feedback is: -Kled is Crazy, wacky Yordle who rides a Bat? (Skarrl) Well the design for is a little bizarre at first impression, but is not so bad, the thing is that moustache doesn't fit on the character Kled is a vampire so why a moustache. -Skarrl, looks fine even if he wears a costume you can see in the face that is still our coward lizard, but like anyone in high expectations on the new skin for Kled, I would feel disappointed if is another Sir Kled, only textures and the skin become not worth enough with poor textures and effects, with great Ideas such as Kled dragon trainer, mafia kled, or monster hunter. Still thought is not even realized so let's see how other players like it. Again is just my opinion. As a plus I Think Heimer Skin is well design after four years of long wait. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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