I Want this Libel Dealt With, Letter to Moderators

TLDR; Since a mod took away my ability to defend myself, I want a mod to step in and say that [REMOVED BY MODERATION - ULANOPO] is wrong in what he said about me. [REMOVED BY MODERATION - ULANOPO] Some damage to my reputation has been done already. I don't care much if people think I'm an ass, (I am) but I don't want more people to see that thread and think of me as the guy who tries to make people look racist when he can't win an argument. If a moderator could remove the parts of his post that accuse me of putting words in his mouth, trying to make him look racist, and trying to make it seem like [REMOVED BY MODERATION - ULANOPO] has a problem with civil rights, then I would appreciate it very much.

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