Boards Feedback, and What We've Gathered

We launched this sub-board a little under two weeks ago to open up a dialogue within the Boards community. Since then, we've received a tremendous amount of feedback covering various aspects of the Boards - over 700 messages worth. And even though we've mentioned our limitations with development, that didn't stop you from providing a lot of development ideas; but we got to see a lot of your passion and creativity come to life, and ultimately, we share a lot of your same sentiments. With all of this feedback, we've decided to aggregate the data to list out the various ideas we've received and to further those discussions without those points needing to be brought up repeatedly.

The following data does not represent the projects we're looking to move forward with, but rather just a list of the different points that we've received so far. We'll go through the list and have our own internal discussions, bring certain points up for discussion in the future, and look at feedback that's provided to us as it's posted in this sub-board. Thank you to everyone who has participated in our discussions.


  • Let's Talk Boards on Boards Formatting, Syntax, Tips & Tricks, Etiquette
  • Identifying different types of harassment more proactively and dealing with cases more effectively
  • Disable ability to upvote posts on Boards Home
  • Boards Wishlist (Done!)
  • Identify other ways to streamline report communications
  • Workshop with moderators to ensure consistency across moderators
  • Develop a Riot feedback loop within Report a Bug
  • Clarify purpose of upvotes See this
  • Filter out Team Recruitment on Boards Home
  • More visibility on Boards changes and updates
  • Refine the different community creations sub-boards to clarify what should go where and to emphasize each of the crafts
  • Refine moderation policies behind or remove political threads in GD (In-Progress)
  • Separate sub-board for Streams/Videos
  • Discussion view vs Chronological View, and how they should be implemented on the Boards
  • New Player sub-board
  • Don't change GD culture
  • Separate Gameplay Balance with Advice

The Voting System (Mostly Development)

  • Hide upvotes/downvotes for first hour and replace with "?"
  • Show upvotes/downvotes on threads
  • No votes shown until you vote/post, not changeable once voted
  • Harsher stances on upvote manipulation
  • Disable voting
  • Visibility determined by thread activity, not upvotes
  • Disable voting outside of threads


  • More stickers
  • Different Boards Themes other than default
  • Reporting content on mobile
  • Red Tracker Filter
  • Community Creations as Boards Header, rotating
  • Integrated lock icon for locked threads
  • More advanced reporting functionalities
  • Integrated player-to-player communication platform
  • Floating Riot Bar at top as scroll with auto-refresh notifications
  • BB code
  • Autoquote feature on reply
  • Spoiler/Hide functionality
  • Better way to make tables

We're testing a new feature that gives the option to view discussion comments in chronological order. Some testers have pointed out situations in which they feel a linear view could be helpful, so we'd like see how you guys make use of it.

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