If boards are a minor % of the whole LoL community, why not use the client itself?

I mean, and with this i DO NOT want to bring up discussions like revert lb or anything else, why not use the client to make surveys across all the servers so that Riot can reach out all the community of LoL? Sometimes, but rarely, Riot did surveys on the client for major things like "how do you feel about the new runes?". So i wanted to ask, why not use this useful yet simple tool more frequently to get opinions on many other questions such as reworks, skins, lore, music, art, esports etc.? In my opinion, the client is the only and true way to gather those who really care about the game just because they have to use the client to play, am i wrong? So that people from reddit or other social platforms do not have to bring up crusades or things like that just to represent an opinion that from that portion of the community care about and thinks that it needs to be discussed. To bring up this suggestion in a fair way, i must explain its cons which could be: - The survey system could be too invasive and may annoy people that are casual players who don't really care about if Swain tranforms into a parrot of a crow but actually want to have some fun without even thinking too deeply into the game mechanics. - The survey system could be abused or biased by people themselves: "oh yeah streamer X said that champion Y isn't good right now so i blindly trust him and will vote on the next survey so that this champion can get Z change". By this i mean people who vote X because many others voted the same answer, in this way people might lose their own perception of the problem examined and will answer mindlessly without even putting a reason behind their choice which could ruin in a not intended way the game itself. If this whole thing was already discussed somewhere or even several times, i'm sorry, didn't mean to make a spam topic and feel free to ignore this. If not, please, i want to hear your thoughts, especially from rioters. Thanks for reading.
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