I wish to climb the Ranks of The boards.

Although maybe shouldn't be seen as ranks, i would like to do what i can, as a daily active boards member who hates seeing things go by on the daily, to volunteer my own time and effort into the boards, where (no offense) not many people seem to see any progress or effort being placed. I wish to be able to answer questions properly and knowledgeably and serve the rest of the players who do take part in this Can-be wonderful place. and will take any and All tests, steps, and actions Required of me to get there. As i am someone who is Extremely passionate about this game and those who play it, and would just overly enjoy being able to contribute to it in some way. Any and all shout outs, or if a person would be able to Reach me on this would be very important to me and i would be quite grateful for the chance to even discuss it in the first place. even if it means Starting anew. I wish to Devote myself to it, as a Pass time and also as a hobby that can be put to good use. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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