Rank shaming?

Hi, so i just would like to ask what is considered rank shaming, and why is this even a thing? To shame somebody with something, that something has to be embarrassing/bad or whatever. Do you all consider bronze players inferior? Is being bronze embarrassing or bad? Are you ashamed of being a silver player? (If you are one.) Why can't you use other players' ranks in a discussion. What is totally normal for a bronze player, can be considered trolling in gold. A good call in gold, sometimes can be a total suicide in master. Why is it not allowed to use it in a discussion, when bronze and challenger players are essentially playing a different game? Ranks are a public information what everyone can access easily. Is it so bad that in a discussion, you save 2 clicks and write the rank of another player? If this is soo bad, why does Rito share this information with everybody? If this is not bad, why is it punished on Boards? From what level is it considered rank "shaming"? If you call somebody a bronze, that's shaming? If you call it gold, is that shaming? If you call him challenger, that's acceptable? From what point do moderators think that a player is "good", so it's allowed to state his rank? Or will they delete my post if i call somebody a challenger? This whole thing is very undefined, and biased. Basically moderators do whatever they want in a case like this with no rules or guidances? Thanks for the clarification in advance!
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