Stop whining about Akali

Isn't there countless other champions who aren't fun to play against? {{champion:107}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:121}} (remember 90% slow on this guy) {{champion:105}} {{champion:157}} (can go from being 0/10 to one shotting your team if he farms enough. {{champion:555}} {{champion:7}} (Where's the counterplay to her? Or Pyke's execute.) I'm not sure if you guys just don't play the game enough to see all the other busted champions who by the way are just as disgusting if not more than Akali but if they're not in your face you can just shrug it off and not make a big deal of it. Not long ago most of you were bitchin' about how Fizz's E mechanic shouldn't be in the game. At another point it was {{champion:29}} ;s stealth. Wukong got buffed for 2 minutes and everyone cried bloody murder. Adapt and figure out ways to play against her. Downvote to infinity and beyond it's just unbelievable they touch akali with some changes and nerfs and some of you still aren't happy till she's as butchered as {{champion:142}} was. (Who got nerfed to oblivion and had to be buffed because she was useless without the power in her kit.)
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