Improving Boards: A Few Drastic Ideas and One I Think We Need

Does anyone else realize what a unique position this is? I get goosebumps. I mean, this an online forum for one of the largest online gaming communities, and there is room for improvement. The precedents Riot, moderators, and members of this community set could have consequences that last for decades. Jeez. I do not. Envy. Moderators. I appreciate what you do here. I appreciate you love this game and this community enough to donate your time to us. Seriously. Thank you. You guys and girls are fucking important for a lot of people. *** #Gameplay Rules Create some new rules for gameplay. All posts related to balance must be one of two types of posts. A balance post must be either a suggestion, or feedback, or some combination of both. Titles must clearly indicate which type of post it is; [SUGGESTION], [FEEDBACK], [FEEDBACK, SUGGESTION]. Here's the kicker, titles must clearly indicate what the post is about. Oh... but... what do we do with the clickbait NaCl posts that don't offer feedback or suggestions? *** #Grumble Gorge Make a place for people to shit, maybe they'll stop using the street. Create a megathread in gameplay for venting. I understand that this idea has been discussed within the moderation team, but I think a holistic approach to improving boards includes such a megathread. Most of us agree that many posts in gameplay are unproductive venting posts disguised as balance complaints. Give these poor posts a home, a grumble gorge. What exactly does this Grumble Gorge look like? Grumble Gorge is a safe space. It is a place where people can laugh at how stupid each others teammates can be, and a place where people can cuss out their toxic (unnamed) teammate from last game, and a place where people can call something bullshit op without being laughed at, and a place where people can cry about dragon RNG. It is strictly for venting about what happens in your own game, and commenting on what happened in others' games. All boards rules apply. though like GD they are slightly relaxed here. > [{quoted}](name=AetherArising,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=AX0xz8ob,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-02-25T08:39:04.561+0000) > > One suggestion i'd like to make for Grumble Gorge, if it's ever made, is that the posters' names are made anonymous on specifically that board alone. Thusly nobody coming in to be like "hur dur you can't complain about ___ you're not at LEAST a platinum player or above, git gud" > the idea of a place to just shout frustrations out, hear what others have to think on the topic of said frustration, and get some catharsis out of knowing you got that pent up frustration off your chest without being prosecuted by those weird kind of people who gatekeep opinions based on player level and rank. To the same merit, everyone there has the same freedom. > > -AA AetherArising *** #Champion Selection 143 champions are in this game. Create a megathread for each champion. It's like a champion subreddit, but on LOL official forums. An active community member is in charge of curating one thread. For example, I could create the yorick megathread and maintain it myself with moderator powers in that thread only (I don't necessarily want to, just an example). > [{quoted}](name=Sandsexual,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=AX0xz8ob,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-02-25T13:03:18.597+0000) > > instead of just one megathread i would prefer a whole selection of the boards like how we have "gameplay" and "esports" there could be a "champions" that opens up a list and you click whoever and you can post there and look at other posts under that champion category. *** #QOL Improvements for Users and Mods There are a few things that could improve the user experience on this website. I'm just going to list them rapid fire. Direct messaging. Subscribing to threads/people. Blocking people (would just block DMs). A useable search function. Saving unfinished posts/DMs. Moving posts. Nicknames. Public/private/group posts. Club tags. Club threads. *** #Step 1 Whether any of these suggestions are good or not, this one is important. Create a megathread called "Improving Boards." Here mods, rioters, and community members will work together to create and implement improvements for boards. There's a vast schism between the three groups, seeing members mingling and cooperating might help ease tensions and build bridges. That's all I got for now. Obviously none of these ideas are fully fleshed out, but that's not my job. All of these ideas have pros/cons. I'm willing to discuss them and other ideas. It's more work for the mod team, devs, and community but I don't see a way around that.

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