My post was deemed uncivil and offensive (explain why)

> I watched the video. In all videos the so called offender was trying to play at his best. He did not do well [the enemy team was indeed fed] but he was in no way running it down. He even used flashed in an effort to escape, you can see it. I don't know what RIot apologist you are but this is wrong on so many levels. > > Also buying mobis a bannable offense? Come on dude. Go read the rules. You call yourself a specialist? The above was a reply to one of the so called specialists who were claiming that a guy was rightfully banned because he played bad against an already fed team. He also claimed that buying mobis is a reason to get reported. Calling him an apologist (meaning = "a person who offers an argument in defence of something controversial " aka not offensive) apparently is offensive. Let me know what did you find offensive.

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