Annie is Legal now Comment.

I was banned for 24 hours, which is Fine it's your boards but I do argue the Concept of Sexualization of a Minor. The picture I posted was of an Adult Fully Clothed, yes the Clothes where too Small but that's Not sexualization, that's stereotypical English/Japanese Humor, And I'm honestly disappointed that you took it as that. art like that, has been seen in Live theater, Film, (Children's Films) I could honestly Post quite a few PG 13 movies in which A child aging into a adults Body is a Very Normal Theme in NA, England, and Japan. it was an obvious post for Humor, in a push for a Adult Version of Annie as a Skin, because I don't feel Comfortable Playing Children in a Video game, honestly It creeps me out. and if you saw that as a Sexual Image I'm sorry but you've been corrupted and your a pervert.
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