My brief thoughts on the RiotAugust "Controversy"

Here's the thing everyone is talking about if you missed it. RiotAugust: _Calls boards useless_ Boards: How dare he insult us like that? This is an attack on the educated conversation that happens on this platform! The Boards every other day of the week: **GOD THE BALANCE TEAM IS USELESS! THE REWORK TEAM SUCKS! I COULD DO A BETTER JOB MAKING LEAGUE THAN RIOT! IN THIS SPEEDILY MADE "ESSAY" I WILL GO OVER WHY RIOT SUCKS, WHY LEAGUE IS DYING, AND WHY I SHOULD BE UNBANNED!!!!** Seriously though, talk about irony, for a place that spends most of its time complaining about how useless Riot is you'd think they'd have thicker skin when their trademark insult is turned against them. I find it interesting how a place that has hundreds of posts about how "X should be fired" and "Y is killing league and Riot is stupid" and "I don't like how Z looks, let me make a ridiculously long post about how this insults me as a person" is so quick to turn around and say "HOW DARE YOU! YOUR TOXIC ATTITUDE ISN'T NEEDED HERE MISTER!" to RiotAugust for sharing his opinion. So before we all put on our big boy pants and go to war with Riot over a single sentence, lets ask ourselves a few questions. 1. Is RiotAugust insulting each and every member of the boards on a personal level? No 2. Is this part of an extended plan by Riot and those darn dirty mods to wipe the boards from existence? No 3. Is this going to blow over in a few days so we can all go back to bitching about how much riot sucks at everything like normal? Yes So calm yourself. Poster's Note: Sorry if this post comes off as bitchy, and if you take personal offense to it I promise I wasn't meaning to call you out or anything. I'm just frustrated with how god damn Two-Faced this place can be sometimes.
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