Let's Talk Boards - Introduction

Hey, you! Thanks for taking the time to pop in. I'm Wuks, and as you can tell by my blue name, I'm a Senior Arbiter, one of the volunteer roles here on the Boards. I've created this post as the first in a series of posts to get players more acquainted with the workings of the Boards, from how to best utilize the Boards based on your interests, to the latest improvements, to things like Boards moderation. While future posts will be a lot more detailed and focused around specific topics, this first post is meant to be just a quick introduction to this series, where we're at now, and an opportunity for y'all to get to know us. Let's get started!

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Now let's get into the main topic of the series: what we've done recently to improve Boards experience. Over the past few weeks, we've been working to roll out player-run Boards moderation within the Player Behavior & Moderation sub-board. With these changes, we've also adjusted a few of the ways we respond to actions that don't align with Boards Rules or Guidelines. This includes preferring to close threads that are posted in the wrong sub-board with a suggestion to re-post in the appropriate place, rather than deleting the post outright; and preferring to edit identifying names in "Name and Shame" posts rather than deleting the post outright. The way we respond to these violations are an extension of our goal of visible moderation. So far, we've gotten a lot of positive feedback, but we have also heard a few criticisms and have taken them to heart.

Given the feedback we've received with player moderation in PB&M, we'll be rolling out the same initiative within General Discussion. If this is something you're interested in and you meet the qualifications, we strongly encourage you to submit an application! We have a few more projects in the works, but we'd like to hear more from you!

In addition to changes in the way we moderate the Boards, you may have noticed another change. We've recently opened up this sub-board, Boards Community & Moderation, to understand how we can better engage the community. We'll be using this space to post about our events, our thoughts relating to the Boards, and things generally related to the Riot Games Volunteer Programs. If you have any feedback on what we could be doing differently, ideas on cool ways we can recognize and/or engage the community, questions for the Volunteers, or anything else related to the Boards, please drop us a message in the comments or in this sub-board; members of the Riot Games Volunteer Programs will be on hand to discuss their thoughts, visions, and experiences.

Thanks again for your time,

- Wuks,
Senior Arbiter

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