" you can choose your house"-why wasnt i given that chance???

Hose select bug and riot doing nothing about it !!!!
So basically me and MANY others had the same bug or error what ever you wanted to call it yet riot respond to this with this : *Sadly, we can't change the house once you picked it :(I understand that you miss-clicked it and you meant to choose something else, but it wouldn't be fair to other people
I had an error with the house choosing where my client bugged and i was already assigned to some random house i did not wanted to yet when i asked riot for help nothing happened like its okay to them yet when missions started to error now they want to help its just not right turning a blind eye to me as well as many others who had same issue as me ,are we not included to play the event by your rules ,this event is supposed to be played by free willingly choosing not forcefully unwillingly playing. During this event, you will be sorted into one of four competitive houses (The Warband, The Council, The United, or The Faceless) to compete for individual and house-wide rewards.-you WILL BE SORTED even this says that we will be sorted to choose our own house so why not giving me that opportunity to choose like the rest of the players? Another words that say you can choose freely your own house to represent: *MSI 2019 is happening and the Mid Season Trials event is in full swing! Now through June 2, you can choose your house, complete missions and earn rewards for your team! *The Mid Season Trials event is here and runs from now until June 2nd! Check out the client to choose your house and earn rewards for your team! While other represent the house they want why cant i get that same chance to represent what i want not what i dont want???

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