Can the mods start taking down all the nightblue stuff please?

Like I get it, it's people want to talk about it but LOOK AT THE TOP PAGE it's all basically the same thing. It doesn't even matter like riot said how they deal with this stuff they ban first then unban if he was not griefing WE DID THIS WITH THE WHOLE singed guy I think. This is basically the definition of a echo chamber the people on the boards are biased towards off meta so it just becomes nothing but people being mad and nothing else THE POST AT THE TOP RIGHT NOW IS CALLED "Nightblue gets a player Falsely banned." even those the he clearly broke the rules but instead of people talking about it and having a discussion about how off meta should be and shouldn't be allowed, there basically just FUCK RIOT AND FUCK nightblue. What's the point of letting this stay when there is very little discussion happening? All your doing by letting the post stay up is adding more toxicity in the boards. Also it would be nice for someone to explain how they all haven't gotten taking down since they all posted to the wrong board since there doing it under general discussion not player behavior when the whole problem is nightblue was toxic and a Nubrac got banned for trolling TWO THINGS involving player behavior. Like someone please explain it to me since I thought general was for topics that don't have a place in other boards or things that involve non league things.
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