Can we discuss the real issue with the boards and why it is dying?

This year World's final day was discussed all over reddit and its blowing up out of proportion there. Instead in the Boards the Esports section and everywhere else its almost dead. There are no new discussion flooding in, the ones that are up barely live up to a few comments and generally the whole section is basically dead. EVEN THE STICKY HAS ONLY 11 COMMENTS AND BARELY ANY VIEWS Now I know the boards have less traffic than other years and even less traffic compared to last year. Taking into consideration that the official forums for a game is normally the one with most traffic since it lets developers and regular users know and talk with each other with their main IGN leading to making contacts and even friendships this is really odd for League of Legends Now why is this? Riot Cactopus already said on reddit that the boards sucks and honestly I think so too. He mentioned the lack of stickers as one of the factors and that has been addressed but the traffic is still declining. Personally I think the biggest fault has been the moderation team. Specially this year since it was outsourced to volunteers that barely read the posts before commenting (I have a recent example with The Djinn and an old one with Elduris). Another problem is that some volunteers even ban users for the use of the word "pancake". But let comments like "Bye" and crying gifs as answer to other users as if it wasn't harassment Shout out to the reddit moderation team btw they are doing a far better job. So what do you think is the reason? EDIT: This board has a message from 29 days ago in the "new" section btw... which is hilarious
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