Open Plea to Rioters (not Riot, Rioters): Please come to the boards more!

Please do not be afraid to come and talk with us. I know that there are some bad apples among us and that they attack you and make you not want to come here anymore... but there are lots of us who are genuinely excited to talk with you and who won't attack you when you comment. Just the other day I saw a post where Riot Sparkle responded to address an issue and one of the commenters replied and went off on a huge rant full of conspiracy theories about one of the champions. This interaction seemed to push Sparkle away and I haven't seen them on the boards since that day. Please Sparkle, we're not all like that prick who ranted at you, and we genuinely appreciate the effort you have put into interacting with the boards community. The moderators are trying to deal with the bad eggs so they don't ruin everything, but it's a difficult job. And it sucks when the rest of us suffer not being able to talk with you simply because a few among us are dicks enough to push you out of the boards.
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