Weekly Community Roundup - May 31, 2017

Hey everyone, and welcome to the first 'Weekly Community Roundup', your one-stop-shop for great conversations from the last 7 days! We know some of you aren't able to follow the Boards as much as you'd like to, so we'll try to fill in the gaps. This series picks up where 'Meanwhile in Top Lane' left off, and we'll try just as hard to connect you and other players with some of the more notable threads posted throughout the week. Without further ado, here's what you may have missed while you were busy climbing the ranked ladder:

Kick-Ass Conversations

Runes & Honor Rework Incoming

New001 addresses the pain points associated with high rune costs and an insufficient Honor System.

'member Boot Enchantments?

Players reminisce about their experiences with boot enchantments of olde. RIP 6 minute TP homeguard ganks.

IT'S ALIVE! (kinda)

The Honor rework hits the PBE; and Rioters discuss their roles on this project, their visions, and answer some community questions.

It's no Tribunal, but...

The Arbiters take a page from the Tribunal's books and open up requests for chat logs to be pulled and reviewed by the community.

This Week’s Stickies

Warden Applications Open

Apply to be part of the Boards moderation team! Applications close 6/5/17.

2017 Collegiate Champions

Maryville University takes the win in the championship final, beating out the University of Toronto.

The Roffles

Your main gets another weapon...

Imagine if Jax had a real weapon!


Kled mains practically throw their wallets at the skins team for a definitely relatable ward skin.

Thanks for tuning in, and feel free to point out any great conversations we may have missed!

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