So, you want the boards to not be a bullshit echo chamber

Like I said in Riot August's stream, taking the time to look for good posts and providing feedback will breed other posts of the same caliber. You have to feed eagles and starve turkeys. Saying the boards are shit then just lurking in them ISNT community involvement. Try this: -AMAs with different team members -direct, concise, and honest answers to why the teams approached nerfs/buffs/reworks/lore changes/ranked changed the way they did -RESPOND to well thought out and well constructed posts, and IGNORE the flame, anger-fueled bullshit. -Be willing to accept criticism without subtweeting us and expressing your "frustration"with our reaction to your decisions. You're all professionals, act like it. -Be legitimately thankful, not just damage control thankfulness, that you have a community that gives a damn.
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