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Hey there, My thread I tried to post on Gameplay+ wasn't approved. No reason was given. The [About Gameplay+: Approval Process, Guidelines, and Etiquette]( sticky was linked, but I had already read through that and believed to have followed the rules specified. Here is the post in question. Title is Itemization on Azir Feels Bad: > Azir feels bad due to itemization options. >Azir wants to build AS and AP forcing him to build the single item that gives these stats, Nashor's Tooth. What feels bad about this is that Nashor's Tooth has an on hit passive. Azir's soldiers don't apply on hit passives. So in Azir's ideal trading situation, he'll never get a chance to use this feature of Nashor's Tooth. >And if you'd like to build more AS there are no options that don't have this issue. >Wit's End? On hit. Guinsoo's Rageblade? On hit, and even if you stack up the 6 stacks, soldiers won't attack twice every other attack. Zeal items? Soldiers can't crit. Trinity Force, on hit passive. Essence Reaver? Has AD, and even still passive is on hit. >Wouldn't it at least feel better to nerf Azir's numbers later into the game and allow his soldiers to proc on hit passives? Every AS item has on hit passives, and Azir is a champion they designed with AS in mind that can't utilize these passives to their fullest potential. >Or does Azir just need a rework? This is the only line in the denial referencing why the post was denied: > This post asks a lot of questions, but doesn't answer or analyze many. I'd like to see more active problem-solving go into a G+ post. Providing solutions to problems isn't noted as necessary in the Sticky. Please update sticky with all rules for posting, or expand on the following guideline I assume is used as a catch all: > Posts must provide a thoughtful analysis or other meaningful starting point for discussion. Data should be cited where possible, and hyperbole is not appropriate. Do not let your passion about some aspect of the game cloud your ability to present your views, and do not let your views get in the way of having a respectful discussion.
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