Which champion group, do you like the most?

This is one of my favorite group Top: {{champion:517}} Jungle: {{champion:518}} Mid: {{champion:142}} Bottom: {{champion:45}} or {{champion:28}} Support: {{champion:350}} (I like this group because, Sylas (ult), Zoe (summoner spell) and Neeko (apperance) can steal and that Yummi is can attach to someone so it will make it really annoying + that Veigar and Yummi would work perfect together, because that Yummi can give ap to veigar and same to Yummi) (bonus Yummi and Evelynn is a pretty good combo since they both cant been seen from enemy, if Yummi attach to Evelynn ofc) and/or Top: {{champion:10}} Jungle: {{champion:203}} Mid: {{champion:25}} Bottom: {{champion:498}} Support: {{champion:497}} (For short, Sister interaction, couple interaction and Kindred is a bonus, because lamb and wolf are together as one ;D) Which champion group, do you think is best together? and why :) ps sry if you didnt understand my english... :) and sry if its in the wrong border...
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