To All The "this game is shit" posters

So I see a plethora of people who go on here and whine about the games state of balance. But the thing is, I don't see anyone recommending what Riot could fix. There are a few people who complain with actual statistics and evidence in their claims that something is wrong, and they give a reasonable answer and solution that would resolve the issue. But most of the time it's along the lines of either 1. "I got permabanned for being toxic, so I'll go on here and complain about the report system" 2. "I faced a broken champion, item, or a good player so I'll complain about the balance team" 3. " I faced a new champion/rework that just came out, so Ill complain, again to the balance team" This goes on, and on, and on. I saw a thread recently that was a good example of what a shitpost complaint should be, with reasonable facts and a decent solution. This was about Ginsoo's rageblade with vayne They mentioned how the item had AP scaling, which vayne has little to none of in her entire kit. They said that the attack speed was too much for a 3 hit passive champion, adding that many champions had 3 hit passives and even took a shot at riots originality design team. She recommends that the building attack speed buff simply be nerfed on the item, making it so it takes longer to get full stacks, or simply make vaynes passive 4 hit or nerf her base and scaling attack speed, very, very simple. But then you look at someone who complains that Darius bleed is "So oP oH My GaWd RiTo NeRf pLz" Where when you look at there match history on, they went 0-13 against a Darius with comet in iron 2. My point is simply if you're gonna shitpost, please from everyone who actually does research and all that, please just bit your tongue and maybe if you're right back yourself up with evidence. It honestly would save you the embarrassment, the downvotes, and the occasional bullying. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Cheers

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