Dijnn. Why the double standard?

Is saying "ch1ng ch0ng" racist? (poll)
Now lemme give you some context, I'm playing a ranked game(low plat) and there is this asian duo talking a lot of trash on our team in all chat. Mid game they decide to start throwing/trolling by afking bot lane and not grouping etc because I guess our team is too trash.
You took part in a discussion on racism instead of just locking it down, meanwhile you justified banning someone for addressing an actual Riot event, the PAX one. Why the double standard, just like Unalopo discussing PAX with the person that was banned. This person made no insults and even didn't target groups, but was banned for having an opinion different than a board moderator. So it is okay to discuss these things as long as we agree with you? That I s basically what you guys have displayed.

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