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Hey everyone, it's Wuks again, here to continue our discussion from last week on the state of the Boards. Today's emphasis is on looking deeper into the culture of the Boards as a whole, and also going deeper into the culture for each of the respective sub-boards within the Boards. On this topic, we have a lot of different communities to take inspiration from, whether it's the old League of Legends Forums or the Boards from other regions [Europe] [Oceania]. I'll briefly go over some of the differences that I've seen within these communities, some of my thoughts, and then open up the floor to you guys.

The League of Legends Forums (Retired) & General Discussion

The original General Discussion on forums.

The League of Legends Forums were something special, and General Discussion was a large, yet welcoming community that Summoners of various backgrounds didn't hesitate to participate in discussions or generate their own. It offered Chronological View, where comments were shown from earliest to most recent, and posts with new comments were bumped to the top of the forum. This had its upsides and downsides, however.

On one hand, having threads that were bumped exclusively on the basis of new replies affected visibility to new threads. A well thought out, newly posted discussion could potentially be seen by few and lost to the forums because two players are having a casual back and forth between themselves on an older thread. Boards Beta™™™ primarily utilizes Discussion View to facilitate most discussions. Discussion View is where the content with the highest number of upvotes are pushed to the top, while content with lower upvote values end up lower.

I can continue the discussion on the entire upvote/downvote system, but the main question I want to ask is, within the context of General Discussion, do you think there's value in maintaining the current Chronological/Recent-only view, or do you think it should be more like Miscellaneous / the rest of the Boards? What are your thoughts on the separation between General Discussion and Miscellaneous? What can we do to make General Discussion a better environment?

Comparing Notes With Other Regions

A dedicated place for Streams & Videos (EU Boards).

Each region has a lot of freedom to run their respective Boards the way they want to, and these differences shed light on how we, as the North America Boards, can identify what other regions have done successfully and potentially look at whether we can replicate that success here. For instance, Oceania has been running a few FanFiction events to showcase the talented writing community there; this sub-board and these events were part of the rationale behind creating this Boards Community & Moderation sub-board, so we can run future events and announcements through here (on top of gathering consistent feedback from y'all, of course). The European Boards are unique in that they have two separate sub-boards for content creators, one for Streams & Videos and one for Creations & Concepts, and they have a sub-board for new players.

We'd love to hear your opinions! What are some things you like or dislike from other regions, and how can we use this information to refine and improve the culture within the individual sub-boards, and subsequently the entire League of Legends Boards? We look forward to being able to hash out a lot of your ideas, and hopefully get to implement a good number of them!

-- Wuks

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