This comment was deleted by Periscope, anyone tell me why?

I got the message that it violates the rules and link to the rules, but obviously no explanation what exactly was here violating the rules. Original message: -------------------------------------------------------- You can try and try to explain this to them, you can even give them an empirical data. They will just flood you with idiotic arguments like "maybe they were having a bad game". That one is already a legendary one, credit goes to rujitra xD Kicking and replacing a bot already exists in games like hots. Everyone are loving it. It's always better to have a decent bot rather than a troll. No one really knows what is the function of honor. Trolling does not affect it and toxic people are getting their honor blocked/ban straight away, no decrease mid-way. Millions, literally millions of times this idea was proposed. No response, no one knows why really. I already proposed two solutions that would solve problem of toxicity completely. You take away chat from toxic players. I mean literally, if you got pushed for toxic behavior no chat at all for you. That way you can't see people triggering you and you cannot flame. Pings are more than enough for communication, high elo games are proving this were no chat is used. Toxicity problem solved. Make toxic people queue with other toxic people only. Toxic people have no problem with toxicity of others therefore let's just put them all on a separate "island". Happy days. And if someone who played with toxic players only for a long time but haven't been toxic, he gets promoted to play with non-toxic people. Toxicity problem solved. And what are we having now? A system that bans you for nothing (but is not effective against trolls) and makes you have another account. What would you do if you were toxic and got banned? You would probably make another account.... and be toxic again. I swear to God, they came up with the most idiotic solution to the problem there could ever be. In such system the toxic players are not gotten rid of, they are just recycled but this time even more frustrated because their main acc got banned.
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