Uranus(not the real name) didn't read my post before moderating it

TLDR; Uranus let somebody accuse me of bad things, then removed my way of proving the truth, then without reading removed my explanation which defended myself, then went "I know what happened" when the same guy made the same accusations. Also ban me or I'll keep making posts like this calling out Uranus for being a terrible mod. Uranus the mod, failed to read my post before moderating it. First, how I know Uranus didn't read the post before moderating it. Second the context for anyone interested. URANUS DIDN'T READ Uranus said I felt hurt because somebody called me racist, anybody reading the post could easily tell he was way off the mark. I never said anyone called me racist, it wasn't part of the post in any way. Uranus removed pseudonyms from my post under the guise of the name&shame rule, even though my first few sentences made it clear I was using a pseudonym to respect the person's privacy and the board's rules. He removed all of my explanation defending myself against Jackson's (a pseudonym) accusations. He said it was because I reposted removed content. The so-called removed content was a 2 or 3 sentence short summary on the actual removed content, in a several hundred word post. He also said my reputation has no value to protect, which makes no sense when you think about the name&shame rule. If Uranus is ok with people bad-mouthing me, then this post should be left up. CONTEXT It started when Jackson (a pseudonym and not the real name) said everyone should accept the consequences as an absolute. I provided two counter examples. One was a 64 year old civil rights example of somebody rightly refusing to accept consequences. The other was a general example of how RIOTers have overturned unfair punishments because people refused to accept consequences and instead they protested. Jackson said that he wholeheartedly disagreed with me. Now that implies Jackson believes all consequences should be accepted, and that he opposed the civil rights disobedience and the protests of LOL players who were wrongly punished. Astounded, I asked for confirmation, this time more emphatically and directly. I'd quote it to prove I didn't call him racist, but Uranus might remove my whole post and account because I summarized an argument based on SIXTY-FOUR YEAR OLD civil disobedience. Jackson said I accused him of being racist, he went on to insult me. Ulanopo removed my post, so people can't see that I never accused Jackson of being racist. Jackson's posts where he accuses me of putting words in his mouth and trying to make him look racist were left up. I made a post on the discuss the boards section, explaining that I never intended to imply Jackson was racist. I asked for a mod to clear up the situation, because it's not fair to leave someone with no defense against untrue accusations. Uranus' reasons for moderating the post in which I try to defend myself are what let me know he didn't read my post.
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