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Who Mods the Mods
I've got a question that I honestly don't understand, so please don't shut down this thread for \"disrespecting or insulting rioters/mods.\" Who the heck is in charge of moderating the moderators? Is there some sort of hierarchy that keeps mods from doing what ever they like?
Okay so no one is going after my account? And my content was earlier in the queue. So why was there 3 posts taken down consecutively followed by a 1 day ban. These posts contained content as followed. "git gud." Put in a sarcastic way on purpose ( the meme way and not the "get good" way). But okay argue this one as offensive. next one "We get it you're trolling. You can cut it out now." To a level 19 account complaining about "zed always getting fed" when hes only ever had 2 zed's played in his games. And then the one you saw which funny enough was removed between the other 2 in terms of timing. So for the mod to remove my "we get it you're trolling post", then remove the "delusional" post, and then remove the "git gud" post in the span of 1 hour and you're telling me now the other report was still in queue seems at best odd. My question to you is, who's checking your mods if they are abusing the system?
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