Witch hunting adn abuse of power by the moderators of the boards.

A friend s account was just permanently banned form boards for merely having a different opinion than the moderators. He did not go outside the topic and he only discussed what the mods themselves have engaged in, the PAX event. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/NA/Ulanopo Here is a link to where a board moderator was discussing the topic with him. As you will see their opinions differed and as he stated in a later post he pulled out of that discussion for fear of being banned, well Ulanopo and Periscope had one of their buddies hit him tonight for merely responding to a thread about the PAX topic, they same kid of thread that a mod posted and discussions about, but my buddy was permanently for only have a different opinion than the moderators who themselves partake in the same discussions. Board moderator Periscope also falsely accused him of supporting a rape culture in one of the first threads of the PAX topic, insulting an individual is against the rules, but as you can see, not if you are a moderator.
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