Since Melledoneus isn't a mod anymore, can I at be credited for the guide that I wrote?

Greetings! As you may know, Memes & Games has a [Posting Images and Gifs on the Boards]( post pinned to the top. This guide was written entirely by me, where I did all the work creating it. However, it is credited to Melledoneus. This was perfectly fine for awhile, as he was a mod in charge of M&G so it made sense his name should be there. The fact it hasn't been in my name for this time is not at all a problem, as there were very legitimate reasons to have someone else's signature on my work. However, since he is no longer a moderator, and since neither he nor anyone else in the mod team has kept it up to date (as there is more info that can be added, and it can be formatted *far* better now due to boards changes by Wuks during this time), I would like to request that I receive credit for the work I did. The only reason it would be in Melledoneus's name is because he was a mod and I wasn't, as he did *not* write the guide even slightly, it was written completely by me. Since that reason is no longer true, I think it would be reasonable for the person who did all the work, the person who wrote it, and the only person willing to put that much effort into M&G be credited for the work they did alone.

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