Jikker who locked my thread:

This is the thread: " https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/Y4FsRfnT-the-sion-and-urgot-reworks-the-shame-of-league-of-legends ". The two points of Jikker: "I've cleaned-up this thread a bit to remove insulting and inflammatory comments towards others. Remember that we always need to remain respectful of others and their opinions even if they disagree with us." Your notice of insults and inflammatory comments seems notably restricted. If someone uses profanity in any way to me it is an insult. If I write a thoughtful thread and someone answers it in lowercase letters in monosyllables that is also an insult. It is a dishonour for a thirteen year old child to go up to two intelligent adults speaking to each other and contradict one of them words far beneath their level of discourse. Your rules are childish and hopelessly naive. Why do you allow profanity on these message boards? That is far more of an eyesore than the words peasant and imbecile, which you erased. How old are you? What is your religion and moral integrity? There are some great inconsistencies in what you advocate. A man that enforces "respect" and at the same time suffers people to use the worst profanity does not know goodness or morality. It is notably inconsistent and makes you seem to be a silver-tongued bully than anyone of any substantial morality. Don't speak to me of propriety. "I'm going to apply a lock to this thread since it technically doesn't belong in Gameplay either. These types of threads that discuss visuals and artwork belong in Story, Art, & Sound." Fool, if you had read the thread you would have seen it discusses gameplay at the end. Spare me your silver tongue, admit you are wrong, and unlock the thread. But you won't do that will you you pompous hall monitor?

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