What is wrong with the French boards ATM???

While it doesn't have anything to do with these NA boards, I still ask you guys to hear me out. I'll put some context on what is happening so everyone can understand and make up his own mind on the situation. tl;dr : I've been banned twice from the boards in less than a month for dubious reasons and all my threads are getting deleted, no matter what. None of them contained anything forbidden as per the rules and guidelines of the boards. The public reception was really good too. The last ban lasted 1 day while the current one lasts for 1 whole week. --- A few times ago was a crisis in the french volunteer program. Instead of fixing the issue, which the whole volunteer team was about to, some Rioters decided to end the program as it was and to plan on building it again but differently, which is not done yet. Instead of leaving our French boards unmoderated they apparently decided to ask two french speaking volunteers of another region to monitor our boards. We don't even know their nicknames. Days after I decided to open a thread in General Discussions about how to make the best pizza ever. It was aimed at being a fun Question-Answer type of thread with humour and usable knowledge. The positive votes rapidly gathered. The thread got deleted by the mod team because it was unrelated to LoL. I waited some day and decided to take another shot at it but to add a lot of LoL references in my thread, which even added humour to the mix (which was a nice thing). This time it was about making the perfect soup. Thread deleted, got banned 1 day. I tried to contact the mod team, impossible to get in touch with them and my thread got again deleted and the popup message told me to contact the support instead, which I did. The support did its best to assist me, contacted one of the rioters in charge of the new (undone) volunteer program and all they got back is whatever decision they make there is no recourse, no matter what, even if you're blindly following the rules. Fast-forward to yesterday, I decided to make yet another thread on DG, this time fully about LoL. I decided to make a multi-part story about Tristana going back to Bandle City and a spiritual menace putting her world in danger. 30 minutes later, thread deleted and account banned for 1 week for "negative attitude". I can provide screenshots of the actual threads to show you guys that it contained 0 offensive stuff. I simply do not understand what is happening and I feel helpless about the situation...
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