Can we start removing/locking posts about this 'cheat engine' misconception?

If you haven't seen the newest Vandril video, I'll briefly explain it. If you have a process open (such as a web browser tab, notepad, etc.) with the keywords "cheat engine" in it, any active League of Legends game will force close. I'm not going to bash people for not understanding how the system works, but these new hourly posts are getting kind of obnoxious. People are assuming it's spyware, that Riot is selling our information, and that it's a breach of privacy. None of that is remotely close to being true. League, along with any other computer program, has the ability to fetch this very basic information from your OS. There's no hacking going on, no spyware, it's _just a security measure to stop cheaters in game._ It's also not Riot's only line of defense as I've seen some people claim. Occam's razor applies here, sometimes the simplest solution is the most practical. If someone has a 'cheat engine' open during a game, **don't let them keep the game open.** I'm all for promoting discussion on the Boards but I really think we should just remove/lock a good portion of these posts as they've been repeatedly answered and are becoming spam at this point.
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