Rioters missunderstanding

Hello. I posted a thread not that long ago. People asked for information and I provided information. With this information it was misread and mistreated in the worst way. Example: If Im hot and thirsty, I walk up to a lemonade stand and want to buy a drink from a child selling them... I hand over the money ,get the drink and say thank you... From this action alone Im being called a %%%% and people make claims I was flirting with the child <- This is like the worst case scenario and to me only a really dark-sinned person would think like this... but this is also the way rioters think about thier players. Real example: I ask for someone age. I do this so I can put myself at about the same level as the person I talk to. ( I used to work with kids in schools and could not talk to them as if they were adults, if I did they would be very upset) But in the mind of riot Im asking for someones age to put them down, to tell them Im superior etc... Hence the example above. How did this happen? What happen within riot that their employees now thinks like this about their players/customers? I beleive this is a major reason as to why RIOT-Games lost about 20% of their playerbase each and every year since 2014 <- A toxic company will make toxic players.

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