Is Riot Listening?

I, along with others I'm sure, feel that their posts on boards are going unnoticed by Riot. People put a lot of time and effort into their posts about an issue that really bothers them or a group of people, and they want it fixed. If their problem is something that others disagree with, and its a controversial league topic blah blah, nothing might happen. When nothing happens people can start to think that Riot just ignores the Boards. I myself feel this way. I have written long posts with hard facts and a lot of stuff in order to change things in league, and I just feel that it goes unnoticed by Riot. I know obviously I'm not more important than other people so Riot won't just change something because I say so. It isn't that though, its not because I don't see the change happening, its just a feeling that people get that Riot doesn't care. Thats why I propose a system in which a Riot employee reads over all posts that are posted. This employee will read the post, and all the comments that follow. After doing that, some kind of Riot symbol should be put on the post to notify the author and everyone who cares that a Riot employee has looked all this over and Riot has taken the opinions of the people into account. Either that, or a Riot employee always comments on the post after reading it and the comments. They will respond with what the companies attitude / decision towards that topic is, and lets everyone know whats going on with this topic, and if the post / comments on the post have triggered Riot to do something about the problem (the thing the post was discussing). I believe this is a great system for the Riot Boards to have in order to make everyone feel heard, and make sure Riot is not slacking on reading over EVERYTHING on the boards. Everyone's opinions matter, thats why Riot needs to hear them, so they can make changes to the game bases on what THEIR PLAYER COMMUNITY would like changed. Everyone needs to feel heard, and everyone needs to know that Riot is actually looking everything over, and making decisions BASED on what the majority of people on the boards want / post about. This system is needed. Please do this Riot. If you agree then vote and or comment below.
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