Unskilled players arguing against common knowledge makes gameplay discussion impossible

The Gameplay forum is flooded with this. It's actually impossible to have discussion on gameplay, because the vast majority of posts are by Bronze players **arguing against knowledge that is de-facto to more skilled players**. I don't even bother responding, because it takes an absurd amount of time to prove to them that they're wrong (if it's even possible to do so, many things can't be mathematically proven), while often being completely unrelated to the discussion topic. At best, responding that they're wrong just further derails the topic. As an example, one player is trying to argue that buying Stormrazor on Jhin is 'shooting yourself in the foot.' 80% of players above Platinum build Stormrazor on Jhin as their first item. 88% of players above Platinum include Stormrazor in their build. This does not include games that ended before they could complete Stormrazor. It's widely known that Stormrazor is a great item for Jhin. This player posting a wall of text telling everyone that Stormrazor is bad goes against common knowledge and detracts from discussion. This happens **constantly**, on virtually every topic, and most threads are completely derailed by someone arguing against things that are widely accepted by higher rated players. This situation really needs to be improved.
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