[❗] Welcome to Discuss the Boards! [❗]

Welcome! As you may have noticed, we've separated Boards Moderation from the Player Behavior sub-board, in part to consolidate discussion relating to Boards community feedback in one place. Our goal here is to encourage discussion about how we can further grow the community here on the Boards. On this sub-board, you'll find the latest updates from the Volunteer Programs, Boards events and contests, and a direct line of communication to the Boards Moderation Team.


What Discuss the Boards isn't:

No Event/Discord Advertising - This is not the place for advertising your events and Discord servers, unless you've obtained prior approval. If you're looking to promote an event you're hosting or your Discord server, please use the Team Recruitment sub-board instead. Threads that do not adhere to this guideline will be removed.

No Reporting Players - The rule about "Naming and Shaming" applies here as well. Please do not use this space to report other players, regardless of whether the actions occurred in-game or on the Boards. Please use the post-game reporting feature to report actions in-game, and please use the Boards Moderation Discord to discuss Boards reports.

What's encouraged:

  • Boards Moderation Inquiries
  • Suggestions for community events
  • Feedback for Boards Volunteers
  • Boards community feedback

We're extremely excited to be taking this next step with you to continue to promote the Boards community, and we look forward to discussing your ideas for the Boards.

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