Memes&Games Sub-board Update

{{champion:267}} Hey everyone, The NA Moderation Team has been slowly working away at some updates for our sub-boards. This includes updates for Gameplay, as well as for some of the smaller sub-boards, including Memes & Games, which is what this post will be detailing and requesting feedback on. Unfortunately, because we are a volunteer team and our schedules can differ, it sometimes takes longer (much longer) for certain things to make their way down through the tubes to becoming actionable change. I wanted to first apologize, as I had originally in June of 2019 given some boards users a tentative date for this update of approximately end of July 2019, however, I had some personal issues come up where I ended up solo parenting for the majority of June and July 2019 as my husband is military and he was off doing military things more than we had expected. As I was pushing the lead on the Memes&Games rule updates and made myself responsible for them at the time, it's my fault I did not ask someone else to handle it or devote to it the time needed while I was alone. My fault entirely, but here we are. I've worked on these rules through most of August, gotten through a few iterations and changes to them in order to clarify some positions and add in newer guidelines for certain types of posts, but I feel we are currently at a place where we can put forth these rules to you guys and get some feedback before the update. Please keep in mind that rules cannot actively have notations for every situation that COULD appear on a sub-board and they will always be guidelines in general and not completely hard and fast (outside of rules about hate speech, inappropriate content such as porn, etc etc). Moderation discretion will always exist for fringe cases and for certain things that may ride the line. That being said, please keep responses and feedback here courteous and respectful. While I can understand frustration at the length of time that these updates have taken, I will not be responding to any vitriolic posts or off-topic commentary about other Moderation actions or team members. I will post the new guidelines in the first comments here and pin them. Please response in new comment strings with feedback, questions or general discussion about these updates. Thanks for your help and feedback, Eva
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