Not being able to criticize Riot on here

The idea that you cant say anything that can be construed as disrespectful is absurd. I don't respect some of the Riot designers. I dont think their work is good. Just like everyone likes and dislikes different artists or musicians. Its nothing personal. To come on here, and tell us, the customers, the people who play the game, and people playing the game is the reason Riot makes A LOT of money, that we can't actually say what we think is asinine beyond all logic and reason. Riot wants to shield themselves from hard criticism....and that makes people do is want to hate them more, because it looks cowardly. OH, I'm sorry, can I not say that something looks cowardly? That's how it looks. They dont even read these boards because they either dont respect the players and care what they think, or because they are too thin skinned to face criticism head on. And many of us believe some champion deisgners do poor work. Or the work doesn't suit he game or ruins the game. But we can't say that. Awesome. Shame on all of you who downvote me, and shame on the moderators who enforce such childish bullshit board rules.
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